Newest Projects

Rockin’ Cardinal

This easy rockin' cardinal would be fun hanging from a tree branch - or stand him up and … [Read More...]

Turkey Money Hugs

By Noreen Doll. Turkey Money Hugs is a cute way to give a Thanksgiving gift to a … [Read More...]

Cell Phone Reminder

By Noreen Doll. Don't forget your cell phone! How many times have you forgotten to … [Read More...]

Quick Way to Straighten Wrinkled Ribbon

By Noreen Doll. Now you don't have to throw used ribbon away. Here's a quick way to … [Read More...]

Haunted Money Hugs

By Noreen Doll. Haunted Money Hugs is a fun way for Grandparents to give their … [Read More...]

Spider Web Candle Jar

By Noreen Doll. A Spider Web Candle Jar is a fun Halloween project. When i saw … [Read More...]

Cheesy Chili Dip – Gluten Free

By Noreen Doll. Cheesy Chili Dip is a great dish to make when you don't feel like … [Read More...]

Smart Simple Tips

How to Print a Sturdier Template

By Noreen Doll. Have you ever tried to trace around a paper template? … [Read More...]

An Easy Way to Peel a Boiled Egg

By Noreen Doll. Do you need an easy way to peel a boiled … [Read More...]

Craft with Cereal Boxes

by Noreen Doll. There are lots of clever ways to craft with cereal … [Read More...]

How to Fix a Rusted Paper Punch

By Noreen Doll. I came across an old paper punch that had belonged to my … [Read More...]

How to Prevent Cord Ends from Fraying While You Work

By Noreen Doll. Do you ever try to thread ribbon or twine through a … [Read More...]

Make Sandpaper Last Longer

By Noreen Doll. Use packing tape to make sandpaper last … [Read More...]

General Craft Tips

© by Noreen Doll. Here are some great craft tips to make your crafting … [Read More...]

More Creative Tips


Wooden Nativity Set

Make a keepsake wooden nativity set. These block sets are great for kids to … [Read More...]

Candy Cane Crafts for Kids

You can have fun making these candy cane crafts for kids, but keep an eye … [Read More...]

Sewing Cards from Greeting Cards

By Noreen Doll. Sewing cards from greeting cards are easy to make and … [Read More...]

Candy Cane Decorations

There are lots of great ideas here for larger candy canned decorations that … [Read More...]

Candy Cane Crafts

Candy Cane crafts are fun to make because you can eat them while you work, … [Read More...]

Christmas Photo Ornament Crafts

Making Christmas photo ornament crafts is a nice idea. If you date the … [Read More...]

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