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Candy Carrots - Crafty Journal

Candy Carrots

By Noreen Doll. You can make fun candy carrots for favors on your Easter table. They are perfect for using with marshmallow bunnies, or dinner rolls in the shape of bunnies. Making them is like using play dough, so kids can help craft them. They would make a fun April Fool food, too. Supplies. Circus […]

DIY Easy Easter Basket Grass - Crafty Journal

DIY Easy Easter Basket Grass

By Noreen Doll. It’s late the night before Easter and you just realized you have no grass for the Easter baskets. Here’s a quick DIY Easter basket grass idea. Look through your stash of tissue paper and choose a color that coordinates with the basket you’re filling. Tissue paper comes in such a rainbow of […]

Peep Pops -Crafty Journal

Peep Pops

By Noreen Doll. Peep Pops are a great treat for Easter. What could be better than Peeps and chocolate? You can put them on a stick or straw for no mess eating or just arrange them on a plate. It’s a bit messy to do this with kids, but easy and great fun. Supplies. Peeps […]

Easter Egg Button Covers - Crafty Journal

Easter Egg Button Covers

By Noreen Doll. Easter egg button covers are a fun way to decorate a shirt or blouse. Kids can make them from felt or craft foam and decorate them with brightly colored markers. Supplies. Brightly Colored Craft Foam Pencil Scissors Craft Knife How to Make Easter Egg Button Covers. 1. Draw an Easter egg pattern. […]

Easter Egg Necklace - Crafty Journal

Easter Egg Necklace

By Noreen Doll. After you’ve colored all your Easter eggs, an Easter egg necklace is a fun way to use some of them. To make the necklace you need to use empty colored eggs that you’ve blown the contents out of. An Easter egg necklace is a perfect project for a little girl. Its fun […]

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

Bunny Long Legs

By Noreen Doll. Create a Bunny Long Legs for a centerpiece or to stand on a shelf. He can be made different sizes by changing the size of the styrofoam egg you use. The egg I used is about 3 inches high, and the bunny is about 6 inches high. Supplies. 1 Styrofoam Egg 1 […]

Over 140 Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers - Crafty Journal

Over 140 Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers

By Noreen Doll. This year go candy free and use some of these non-candy Easter basket fillers for your kids. And there are also several ideas here for Easter baskets you or your kids can make. You can even make your own DIY Easy Easter Basket Grass. Easter Basket Ideas Easter Basket from a Cereal […]

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How to Blow an Egg - Crafty Journal

How to Blow an Egg

By Noreen Doll. There are lots of Easter crafts that need a blown egg shell. Try this easy way to blow an egg. Supplies. Eggs Fork or Pin Toothpick Bowl Egg Carton to Hold Blown Eggs How to Blow an Egg. 1. To prepare the eggs for blowing, first wash the egg in soapy water […]

Easy Way to Make a Shamrock - Crafty Journal

Easy Way to Make a Shamrock

By Noreen Doll. Shamrocks can be a bit tricky to make look nice and even, but here’s an easy way to make a shamrock. All you need is one heart, and you can make any size shamrock depending on the size of heart you use. Here’s how you do it. Supplies. 1 Heart (How to […]

Crafty Journal - Jack O Lantern Finger Puppet

How to Cut Holes in the Middle of Something

By Noreen Doll. I make lots of projects that require holes in the middle where they are hard to cut. Here is an easy way to cut holes in the middle of something. If the item is soft and flexible and bends easily, cut the hole like this. Fold the item in half so you […]

Heal Chapped Hands by Crafty Journal

A Fast Way to Heal Chapped Hands

By Noreen Doll. My hands often get very chapped. I wash them frequently, which is hard on them. And in the winter time they dry out as well. I’ve tried all kinds of lotions and oils, which help some, but my hands can still be uncomfortable. Recently, I rubbed a Vaporizing Chest Rub (Vicks is […]

The Best Back Scratcher I've Ever Had by Crafty Journal

The Best Back Scratcher I’ve Ever Had!

By Noreen Doll. The best back scratcher I’ve ever had is a metal pasta spoon. I’ve mostly lived in a dry climate, and when we run the heater in the house during the winter my skin dries out even more. As a consequence, my back would often itch. It’s very difficult to reach your entire […]

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Easter Crafts for Kids

For fun Easter crafts for kids, give these ideas a try. They are also great projects for a classroom party. For more Easter crafts for kids ideas, see Easter egg crafts, kids Easter bunny crafts, and kids Easter printables.   Chicks Easter Crafts for Kids   Rockin’ Peeps Create Rockin’ Peeps from card stock. Peek […]


Easter Sweet Treats

Special treats are nice for any Holiday occasion, and these Easter sweet treats are easy and fun to make. Use these ideas for place settings or as a centerpiece, or to add to Easter baskets. Several of these Easter treats can be used for Easter classroom parties, or even a tea party. Peep Pops Coat […]


Paper Egg Ornament

by Noreen Doll. Use your paper scraps to make this paper egg ornament for a fun Easter decoration. It can be made in any size. Tape or glue the egg shapes together and add a ribbon for hanging. You can make several eggs quickly and easily, and they can be folded flat and put in […]


Kids Easter Bunny Crafts

Kids Easter bunny crafts are a fun easy way to entertain children and would make great school party crafts. Help your kids have fun making these easy kids Easter bunny crafts. Bunny Hop Finger Puppet Make a quick Bunny Hop Finger Puppet with craft foam. Peep Pops Cover Peep bunnies with chocolate and roll them […]


Hoppy Easter Bunny

By Noreen Doll. Make this quick hoppy Easter bunny for a cute table decoration. Or hang it for an ornament. Materials. Bath Pouf Craft Foam, Felt, or Card Stock Scraps Glue Tooth Picks Scissors Pencil How to Make a Hoppy Easter Bunny. 1. Draw patterns for the eyes, ears, and nose. 2. Trace the patterns […]

Kicky Chickie Finger Puppet - Crafty Journal

Kicky Chickie Finger Puppet

By Noeen Doll. This Kicky Chickie Finger Puppet would be perfect for a toddler to play with, or just to entertain one. The chick’s legs are created by the fingers the wearer sticks through the holes at the bottom of the puppet, and they are easy and fun for a small child to use. The […]

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