Newest Projects

Snowflake Silverware Holder

By Noreen Doll. Make a festive Snowflake Silverware Holder for each place setting at … [Read More...]

Rockin’ Cardinal

This easy rockin' cardinal would be fun hanging from a tree branch - or stand him up and … [Read More...]

Turkey Money Hugs

By Noreen Doll. Turkey Money Hugs is a cute way to give a Thanksgiving gift to a … [Read More...]

Cell Phone Reminder

By Noreen Doll. Don't forget your cell phone! How many times have you forgotten to … [Read More...]

Quick Way to Straighten Wrinkled Ribbon

By Noreen Doll. Now you don't have to throw used ribbon away. Here's a quick way to … [Read More...]

Haunted Money Hugs

By Noreen Doll. Haunted Money Hugs is a fun way for Grandparents to give their … [Read More...]

Spider Web Candle Jar

By Noreen Doll. A Spider Web Candle Jar is a fun Halloween project. When i saw … [Read More...]

Smart Simple Tips

How to Remove Candle Wax from a Jar

By Noreen Doll. You will need a warm sunny day to use this easy way to … [Read More...]

Placemats Are a Great Teaching Tool

By Noreen Doll. We've discovered that placemats are a great teaching … [Read More...]

Speed Dry a Painted or Decoupage Project

By Noreen Doll. When I craft I have a hard time waiting for paint, glue … [Read More...]

Quick Garment Cover

By Noreen Doll. I like to cover clothes hanging in my closet that I … [Read More...]

Cardboard Safety Sheath for a Knife

By Noreen Doll. A cardboard safety sheath for a knife is very handy, not … [Read More...]

Clean Your Oven Without Scrubbing

By Noreen Doll. A friend moved into a place that was in really bad … [Read More...]

Comfortable Sock Tip for Fussy Feet

By Noreen Doll. I know two young boys with very sensitive … [Read More...]

More Creative Tips


Kids Christmas Craft Ornaments

By Noreen Doll. Kids Christmas craft ornaments are a gift grandparents … [Read More...]

Scrunched Paper Candy Cane

By Noreen Doll. A scrunched paper Candy Cane is so easy even toddlers … [Read More...]

Kids Angel Crafts to Make

Kids angel crafts to make has lots of easy ideas for kids to make for … [Read More...]

Autumn Angel

By Noreen Doll. Craft a rustic looking autumn angel with silk leaves in … [Read More...]

Nativity Children Crafts

Nativity children crafts are nice for kids to make and enjoy as they wait … [Read More...]

Paper Plate Pop Up Christmas Tree

by Noreen Doll. Kids can make this easy paper plate pop up Christmas … [Read More...]

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